by Eldric Vero

August 14, 2023

Chart of the Day (CotD)

This CotD was inspired by the lack of recent covid “news” from the Canadian main-stream news sources, especially related to overall covid related deaths (CRDs) and vaccinations at the world level. Here are the links :

Panel 1

The covid-19 vaccinations have declined massively from the daily peak of +43,000,000 in July 2021to about 48,000 as of August 1, 2023 (a 99.9 percent collapse). It appears the covid vaccination narrative has essentially ended.


Panel 2

Daily covid related deaths (CRDs) have declined from 14,740 to less than 90 since January 2021 or a collapse of 99.4 percent.  The WHO declared a global pandemic at death rates less than 100 per day back in March 2020.   Note the curve(s) have never “flattened”….these curves have essentially disappeared.


Panel 3

This is a re-post of the April 25th CotD Canada Covid Death Rates.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, the relationship between Covid-19 cases and related deaths is implicit and thus definitely of interest.  It is therefore absolutely necessary to be able to visualize how the “rate of change” in the cumulative death rate changes with time relative to cumulative cases.   The Red curve in this graph is the Cumulative Death Rate (CDR) and the Blue curve is the Relative Death Rate (RDR) which presents the “rate of change” to the CDR (i.e. the derivative of the CDR).  In the author’s opinion, this graph presents one of the most important pieces of information regarding the Covid-19 story i.e. the Canada maximum RDR of 9.1 percent occurred in late June 2020 and has since declined to 1.1 percent (a collapse of 88 percent).  It appears the curve has been “flattened” and the pandemic is long over (since February 2022).


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