It’s in the official Medicare reports! And an employee revealed that 30% of the residents died directly after the shots. Bottom line: the CDC lied and people died.

by Steve Kirsch

August 14, 2023

Executive summary

I recently heard an extraordinary story from an employee at Apple Valley Village Health Care Center in Apple Valley, MN.

Before the vaccines, there were 27 cases of COVID and no deaths from COVID. Not a single death.

So things were under control. No need for a vaccine; nobody was dying.

But they had to roll out the vaccine because they were told to.

Here’s what happened next:

  1. 30% of patients killed by the vaccine in 3 weeks: Over 40 people died within 3 weeks after the shot. There were around 140 residents at the time, so the vaccine killed nearly 30% of the residents.
  2. 10X higher death rate from COVID: Shortly after the vaccine rollout, in one span of just 3 weeks, there were 90 cases of COVID which resulted in 28 deaths from COVID. COVID, which wasn’t deadly before people got the shots, seems to have made people much more likely to get COVID and much more likely to die from COVID. You don’t have to take my word on this; it’s right there in the official US government CMS data: a 10X higher death rate from COVID post-vaccine.

In short, the COVID vaccines were an absolute disaster at that facility. Everyone kept quiet about it. They didn’t even tell key members of management (like the person in charge of PR).

Nobody who works there today would return my calls to confirm these reports for some reason. I can’t figure out why. I just want to know the truth.

It’s almost like they are hiding something.

I picked a random facility for comparison and the numbers there were even worse; the vaccine killed everyone at that facility and made people much more likely to die from COVID as well. In fact, it was so bad, that more people died from COVID than were infected with COVID!

Finally, the most important lesson, once again, is that we need full transparency of record-level public health data. When we have this transparency, we can instantly see how flawed the data is. Without that transparency, we erroneously trust data that we should never have trusted.

It’s too bad nobody in public service agrees with me on this and will sponsor a bill to make public health care records public.


There must be some reason that no nursing in America wants to share their data with me, but I just can’t seem to figure it out. 😉

Well, I finally got my wish: I got data from an employee at Apple Valley Village Health Care Center.

On Sunday, Jan 3, 2021, this employee was called back to work during the holidays due to a massive number of deaths that started happening right after the COVID vaccines were given on December 28 and 29 of 2020 (Monday and Tues).

In other words, in just 5 days after the shots, the Center had become a war zone. It was so bad, they had to call their employees back to the office early from their holiday to deal with all the dead bodies.

Over 40 people died in a 3 week period in January in a facility that housed 140 patients at the start of 2021 (178 bed total capacity). That’s a loss of nearly 30% of the residents killed by the vaccine.

This is a train wreck.

Maybe that is why the nursing homes won’t return my calls?

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