Justice Minister Arif Virani recently told Reuters that it’s “empirically unlikely that Canada is becoming less safe.”

by Brad Salzberg


August 13, 2023

Freshly-minted Justice Minister Arif Virani has informed Canadians their concerns about crime in our country is all in their heads. Mr. Virani recently told Reuters that he believes it’s “empirically unlikely” that Canada is becoming less safe. ​​

According to the National Post, PM Justin Trudeau’s recent choice for Attorney General and Federal Minister of Justice is way off-base.

“The facts disagree with him. According to a report by Statistics Canada last week, Police-reported crime in Canada, as measured by the Crime Severity Index (CSI), increased for the second consecutive year, up four per cent in 2022. The Violent CSI rose in 2022, reaching its highest point since 2007.”

Such is the illusion that PM Trudeau is praying Canadian voters will buy into: the idea that a 7-person shift in Liberal Cabinet members will make a difference in how government manage our society.

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