Canada’s Liberal government are in the process of eliminating news distribution on social media.

by Brad Salzberg 

August 9, 2023

“Always after the fact.”

If there is one trend entrenched in Canadian media that gets CAP’s goat, it’s the phenomenon of hiding critical socio-political issues from Canadians until it’s too late to do anything about it.

Take, for example, the government of China’s infiltration of our society:

‘Vancouver Authors Pour Out Books On China’s Impact’

August 10th, 2023: These authors are “digging into how China is influencing Western politics, academia, media, business and culture and distorting the concept of human rights.”

Upon which concerned Canadians may wonder for how long the government of China’s assault on democracy in Canada has been going on:

‘Canadian Intelligence Flagged Chinese Meddling 37 Years Ago: Newly Released Report’

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