Tamara Lich —‘Hold The Line ‘—My Story From The Heart Of The Freedom Convoy —Every Canadian Needs To Know This Story

This is the story of three families —The Lich family ,  the trucker family and those Canadians who supported the first two families.

And leading it all was Tamara.

And it is a story of a very broken nation .

The fairness and forgiveness displayed by Tamara is incredible ; and through it all to be even more of a Canadian with the ordeal still not over is truly remarkable. People were touched by Tamara and Tamra was touched by the broad people support.

Carol and I are proud to have played a small part in this drama. Meeting Tamara and her Board personally showed us the courage and patriotism of hardworking Canadians who seek only a fair nation.

Our visit to Ottawa at the height of the Convoy and looking out over the people as I spoke in front of Parliament Hill highlighted the irony ——having been in that area of Ottawa when with nine other First Ministers I signed The Patriation Agreement, the foundation document for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Keith Wilson and Eva Chipiuk of the The Justice Centre  For Constitutional Freedoms who were a part of my legal team travel litigation ( with other Canadians ) took on this extra role with professionalism and showed that while many legal people were opposed or silent on the convoy there were still some in that profession who had big minds and big hearts . And so it was for medical people who participated in Ottawa that we met : Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Dr. Byram Bridle, and Dr. Paul Alexander . It is difficult to exaggerate the great expertise of Tom Morazzo and Daniel Bulford. Mr. Dean French, a proud Canadian , who put forward his expertise to facilitate talks with Ottawa City Council  should be noted . The courageous Maxime Bernier , who also had been arrested for defending freedom, should not be forgotten.

There are may ordinary Canadians who helped. It is these people that kept Tamara going as she relates in the book. And I know of many small businesses who were there in the fight.

And who can forget Rebel News and Ezra Levant!!

Leadership is always key ——to be the catalyst , and this book shows why in a very historic moment a Metis grandmother rose to the occasion.

Truly a moving , honest book.

(Should be available at your local bookstore, if not ask the store to make a special order)….



  1. Reply to: M.Sarah Underwood

    I am not aware that the oath is notarized. Provincial Cabinets take oath with the Lt. presiding so any records are likely at Lt Governors’ offices . Federally, it would be the Governor General’s office.

    I doubt any argument along the lines suggested would be successful.

    The constitution is being violated because courts are ignoring the opening words of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which is part of the Constitution and Govts and courts are violating the Charter in that the mandates, lockdowns initiated by Govts and approved by courts have contravened Section 1 of the Charter in that the intent is being ignored and in its plain meaning in that the condition of ‘demonstrably justify ‘ has not been met.

    Brian Peckford