August 7, 2023

Robert Kennedy, Jr, 69, said that when he was young, the rate of autism was 1 in 10,000 people, but the rate now is 1 in 34 children. He explained that the EPA did a study and found that 1989 was the year that the epidemic began and affected every demographic in the US. Allergies, auto-immune diseases, neuro-developmental diseases, and asthma also exploded. RFK reported that epidemiologist Phil Landrigan made a list of environmental toxins that may cause autism and became ubiquitous 1989 that includes high-fructose corn syrup, PFOA and BAFS flame retardants, glyphosate pesticide, cell phones and Wi-Fi radiation, ultrasound, and vaccines increased to 72 shots. RFK criticized the National Institute of Health, which has an annual budget of $42 billion, for failing to study the cause of the mass illness in children in the US.

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