“This tokenism is ridiculous. I’m sick and tired of everything being about their friends and their insiders. Screw them.”

by Brad Salzberg


August 7, 2023

Word Of The Day: Ubiquity

“The fact of appearing everywhere or of being very common.”

It may not be appearing at your local Pride Parade, but outside the woke liberal bubble surrounding PM Justin Trudeau, it’s just about everywhere.

In homes, on our streets, and throughout society, Trudeau is a hated figure. It doesn’t take Prof. Stephen Hawking to deduce that most “generational” Canadians, sometimes referred to as “Old Stock” citizens, despise this politician.

Recent developments have been adding momentum to the movement. Canada’s Muslim-Canadian community, so politically coveted by Mr. Trudeau, have turned a page in the woke Liberal government playbook.

Our PM’s endorsement of LGBT politics and related propaganda has begun to anger Muslim parents. So much so, a Muslim man living in Alberta is organizing what he calls a “Million Person March” against LGBT indoctrination in Canadian public schools.

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  1. Ultimately, this means nothing.

    They are required to vote for everything the establishment wants to do (or else they will get tossed out and subject to brutal gaslighting and psychological torture, like Philpott, Raybould and others). They tried a similar stunt during the convoy in Ottawa, but their words meant nothing; they still voted the pro-establishment garbage.

    This is nothing more but lipstick of a fat, disgusting pig. They had their chance and they chickened out. They will continue to chicken out.

    Also, “This cabinet shuffle was not in any way based on merit, or people that deserved to go in cabinet.” …? Really? The cabinet has served as the ultimate example of why diversity hires NEVER work: Everything this supposed cabinet handled has been a disaster. Can anyone name any one thing they got right? They WANTED people who knew nothing about the jobs and who’s eyes were lit up by dollar signs. This was to make it easier for this tyranny’s handlers to push through their agendas devoid of critical thinking, morality or any form of analysis: Just pass it and get your campaign contribution afterwards.