by Dr. William Makis MD

August 7, 2023

COVID-19 mRNA vaccine SHEDDING – recent research – Pfizer admits it’s happening. What kinds of vaccine shedding are going on? How long does shedding last, and how do you protect yourself?

An August 2, 2023 Epoch Times article describes new COVID-19 vaccine shedding research but what does it actually mean? (click here)




  1. It means this is another episode where the poo-pooing the ‘conspiracy theorists’ has proven, once again, like just about every other time, TO BE TRUE! This is old news and has been stated through countless testimonies or doctors and victims of those have been near the vaxxers; shedding is real, shedding happens, shedding kills pets and longer-term shedding causes damage to the unjabbed. On the plus side, getting away from a vaxxer means you can repair/heal your body.