Pictured, PM Justin Trudeau, the most divisive prime minister in the history of our country.

Get the LGBT propaganda out of the Canadian public school system and the conflict will subside.

by Brad Salzberg


August 4, 2023

Each day that passes in the world of LGBT politics in Canada brings more of the same. Another Pride Parade, another “act of hate” against homosexuals and transgendered citizens, according to advocates.

To be sure, it’s a falsehood. But what else is to expected in the post-modern society that PM Justin Trudeau has cultivated since taking office in late 2015.

In “no core identity” Canada, the cult of victimhood has transitioned to the social order of the day. In terms of playing the “victim-card,” LGBT advocates are running away with the ball.

Hyper-sensitive as they are, every piece of pushback against Pride constitutes an “act of hate.” Beyond the community itself, what gets CAP’s goat is the manner in which this social dynamic is being portrayed by mainstream media.

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