You Might Wanna Watch This Before Next Month. Maajid Nawaz sounds the alarm about the UK’s plans for central banking digital currencies. As the head of the G7 group, the UK aims to replace fiat paper money with government-controlled digital currencies, competing with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. These centralized digital currencies could have profound implications for individual freedoms and financial autonomy. Maajid Nawaz breaks down the concept of programmable digital currencies, explaining how they could be used to restrict individuals’ spending based on their employer’s or government’s preferences. He compares this system to China’s social credit system, raising concerns about potential censorship and control over people’s financial choices. The advent of the internet and decentralized technologies like cryptocurrencies disrupts traditional power structures, leading to a clash between centralization and decentralization. The push for central banking digital currencies seems to be a bid by those in power to maintain control over narrative and monetary supply amidst this disruption. Maajid Nawaz urges us to be vigilant and aware of the potential consequences of adopting such currencies. He warns that crises, whether economic or geopolitical, can be manipulated to justify the expansion of authority and emergency powers. Discussed in this video: Maajid Nawaz on CBDC Maajid Nawaz on government money Maajid Nawaz on credit