History informs us how dangerous the scapegoating of a community can be.

by Brad Salzberg


August 2, 2023

The recent suicide of public school principal Richard Bilkszto captured media consumers attention this week in Canada.

According to media, his suicide has been attributed to hyper-aggressive Critical Race Theory dissemination and political correctness within the Canadian public school system.

Far less awareness can be applied to the “root cause” of our public school’s transition to woke propaganda institutions promoting hatred against an identifiable community.

Without the support of our Liberal government, both financially and ideologically, it’s unlikely that blatant “reverse racism” against Canada’s Anglophone communities would have penetrated our society.

It is with great irony that we attribute the phenomenon to PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government. For nearly eight years, our prime minister has claimed to be “standing up for the rights of Canada’s racialized communities.”

The flip-side of the equation– the running down of Anglo-European Canadians by government– is being omitted by both government and the press.

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