by Jon Rappoport

August 2, 2023

In a previous article, I spelled out the Democrat plan to end the war in the Ukraine as the slam-dunk way to win the election in 2024. In this piece, I describe a different scenario.  Biden has to go.  He won’t be around to end the war.  So will it be Plan A or Plan B?  Either way, it’ll be Big.  And even if the Democrats dump Biden soon, they could still engineer peace in the Ukraine and look like heroes…

Lay down your bets, folks.  The wheel is spinning.  Which number will come up?

There is enough evidence now: The phone calls with Joe on the line. The bribes.

The way this works is: major media have to pile on.

If they do, it’s over for Joe. They’re waiting for marching orders. The stories are already written. The theme will be:

There is just too much proof, it’s undeniable, the tide has turned against the President.

Sub-text of articles: Joe’s worn down from the struggle to save America; he’s got nothing left; his health is in decline.

Some reporter will mention that in 1988, Joe suffered two serious brain aneurisms and underwent emergency surgery to save to his life.

It’s possible the media will make the sub-text the text and vice versa.

Either way, it’s the moment of waiting.

Who will send the signal? Maybe Obama. Maybe the DNC. Or the CIA. In the background, George Soros could quietly chime in. It’s called building the consensus.

We’ll get, “Speaking on condition of anonymity, several high ranking Democratic officials…”

The news media are poised for The Big Story.

Is it possible the signal won’t come?

Yes. If the DNC is persuaded to try to drag Joe across the finish line in the 2024 election. In that case, the signal will come during Joe’s second term.

But the case for his removal now has been made. It’s been accepted as real by a few key House and Senate Dems.

The Left-wing media will defend Joe right up to the last second—then they’ll suddenly switch course. Possibly led by the New York Times.

Key people at CNN, MSNBC, and other connected outlets already know how bad the situation is for Joe. They’ve been told.

We could get a Watergate-type sequence. Rumors the President will step down are ridiculous, absurd. Are gross over-exaggerations. Are flying around Washington. Have been confirmed by one source. The President will step down.

At any given moment in the news cycle, there are probably several stories poised on a knife’s edge, waiting for a GO signal from above.