“Educators were forced to attend a ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion'(DEI) including attacks on white people and claims that merit and objectivity are linked to whiteness.”

by Brad Salzberg


August 1, 2023

It’s getting more extreme by the day. We refer not only to a Liberal government attack on freedom of speech via internet censorship, but also a fast-growing social trend within PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” society.

Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] facetiously refer to this as “the running of the Anglophone.” It’s serious business– so much so that the suicide of Ontario school principal Richard Bilkszto has been attributed to hyper-aggressive Critical Race Theory propaganda dissemination in the Canadian public school system.

Not that you will hear this messaging from mainstream media. Over the past decade–in tandem with PM Trudeau’s placement on Canada’s political throne– public education in Canada has transitioned toward institutions promoting racism.

Post-modern racism has taken on brand new colour scheme. Rather than degradation of Canada’s “racialized” communities, the tables of bigotry have turned.

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