10 Fluoride Facts That Often Shock People

1. Fluoride has never been proven to reduce cavities.

2. Fluoride has been proven to increase an overall form dental of decay called dental fluorosis.

3. Fluoride is proven to cause cancer.

4. Fluoride is proven to cause brain damage at 1 PPM (PPM = parts per million) while there are 1000-1500 PPM in the average fluoridated toothpaste.

5. Some senior toothpastes now offer 5000 PPM. Is this where all the dementia is coming from? Maybe that combined with 100 other attacks on seniors, like what happened during COVID?

6. A substantial ingredient in Prozac (and several other antidepressants) is fluoride, which again causes brain damage and a dumbing down of the brain complex.

7. Warnings on toothpaste boxes used to regularly contain the phrase “if your child swallows more than pea sized amount of toothpaste, call poison control.” Why poison control? It’s because fluoride can poison, cripple and kill.

8. Although fluoride is proven to cause brain damage at 1 PPM and is also directly linked to cancer growth/spread, dentists still insist that most patients apply fluoride gel after a dental cleaning. Fluoride gels at the dentist contain anywhere from 12,500 – 25,000 PPM.…and fluoride doesn’t protect against cavities and also increases tooth decay. So why is this being done?

9. If fluoride is spilled anywhere in the transportation process, before it’s dumped into a municipal water supply to soft kill poison the population, a hazardous material team must be dispatched for the cleanup by law.

10. The truth is simple. They’ve been attacking you and your family with poison long before the COVID psy-op. And of course, their weapons are always the same. They use lies (AKA propaganda) and poison. The propaganda is always “poisoned” based, so you wait in line to poison yourself and your own children. The propaganda always tells you that the poison has a big benefit for you and that you need to get in line to poison yourself voluntarily, in order to receive that amazing benefit. You can’t rule, manipulate and steal from healthy, independent and vital people. You can indeed rule, govern and control dependent, sick and disempowered people. You’ll need to stop poisoning yourself to get out of this. I teach about all the propaganda and all the poisons in my new program. It’s that simple. That’s why my new program exists.