Conservatives have a 12-point lead amongst Indigenous voters at 31% compared to the Liberals’ 19%.

by Brad Salzberg

July 31, 2023

According to a recent Pollara survey, the Conservatives Party has a 12-point lead amongst Indigenous voters in Canada.

“While the Liberals lead among most non-white demographics, the Conservatives have a five-point lead over the Liberals amongst the Filipino community and a 12-point lead amongst Indigenous voters at 31% compared to the Liberals’ 19%.”

Little uncertainty can be applied to the fact that non-white, or “racialized” Canadians as referred to by media, most prefer Justin Trudeau as prime minister.

Knowing that new arrivals from China, India, Pakistan, Iran and other 3rd World countries are the future of our country, Justin Trudeau has dropped “Old Stock” Canucks in favour of future Liberal Party voters.

Canada’s First Nations peoples certainly qualify as old school. As indigenous leaders inform us, our PM is all roses-and-sunshine on the surface. Yet, behind-the-scenes comes little more than Liberal lip service toward First Nations communities.

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