If anyone you know is still getting COVID booster shots, please let them know about this study – you could save their life

Heart damage seen in 1 in 35 following Moderna booster

by Bruce O’Hara


July 29, 2023

In my most recent post, I suggested I thought we were near some sort of tipping point in acknowledging the harms caused by the mRNA COVID vaccines.

In that post, I talked about 15,000 pages of data Moderna was forced to release on the clinical trials of its Spikevax mRNA COVID vaccine.

That initial data was worrying, in that only two of the sixteen who died in the experimental group of the clinical trial were given autopsies. One would think, when the Government was planning to inject a new and experimental vaccine into hundreds of millions of people, they’d routinely do autopsies in such a situation, to be absolutely sure that the mRNA vaccines weren’t responsible for those deaths in some way. But that was not the most worrying example of a lack of due diligence.

We also now know that myocarditis was flagged as a vaccine side effect during those first clinical trials.

There’s a relatively easy and straightforward way to test for hidden or asymptomatic myocarditis following vaccination. There’s a protein in heart cells called troponin which is normally found only in heart cells. If troponin is found in the blood, it means heart cells have been damaged causing the troponin to leak out.

Knowing that myocarditis was a possible side-effect of vaccination, it would have been relatively easy and cheap to test troponin levels in the blood of several hundred people before and after both the first dose and the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. This would have quickly determined the level of asymptomatic myocarditis following vaccination. We could have had the raw data by March of 2021. In fact, a public health infrastructure more concerned with public health than with Big Pharma’s profits would have demanded that that basic follow-up research be done. (The FDA did eventually demand that both Pfizer and Moderna do such studies, but almost two and a half years later, neither corporation has released the results of those studies!)

We do now have solid research data from a peer-reviewed Swiss study indicating that cardiac damage occurs in a significant minority of those who receive a Moderna booster.

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