Pictured, PM Justin Trudeau with Alberta’s only Liberal Cabinet member, LGBT pusher MP Randy Boissonnault.

Out of 39 Cabinet positions, just one has been allotted to an MP from Alberta.

by Brad Salzberg


July 28, 2023

To say the province of Alberta received “slim pickins” as a result of  PM Justin Trudeau’s latest Cabinet shuffle is a giant understatement.

As with namesake ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, supposed “son of” loves to extract monies out of Alberta, while giving nothing in return. If current federal cabinet configuration serves as a microcosm, than Western Canada— Alberta in particular, comes up dry as a desert day in the Sahara.

Out of 39 Cabinet positions, just one has been allotted to an MP from Alberta. Trudeau’s choice being his coveted LGBT/Transgender point man, Randy Boissonnault.

Boissonnault, dyed-in-the-wool woke Liberal, is fully dedicated to promoting homosexuality/transgenderism in Canadian society. Like boss-man Trudeau, there appears to be no concern regarding the age of Canadian youth who choose to change their sex.

Making matters more extreme, not a single Liberal Cabinet member is sourced from Calgary, Canada’s fourth largest city.

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