Canadian media refuse to report on the erosion of male Anglophone representation in Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet.

by Brad Salzberg

July 26, 2023

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made his move. Looking to rejuvenate his Liberal government after nearly eight years in office, a freshly-minted Liberal Cabinet confirms a trend not once recognized within Canadian society.

It is with maximum irony that Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] point toward an ominous trend. While woke warriors obsess about the headcount of “racialized” representatives in government, representation of the white Anglophone males in Canadian politics is met with media silence.

Looking back, the final Cabinet configuration of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government in 2015 included 39 members, of which at least 18 were male Anglophones.

Along comes Justin Trudeau, and in an instant our communities are down for the count. Campaigning on a “progressive” gender equality ticket, the post- modern configuration has resulted in an erosion of MA(Anglophone male) numbers in major style.

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