by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

July 25, 2023

That Poll That Showed Pierre Best and Justin Worst PM ‘s Since 1968–Wrong—Both Terrible !!

I guess being far away makes one think more fondly —but Pierre Eliot Trudeau as PM was a disaster, too !

His view of Canada was to make it less a Federation and more a unity state. Any evidence?


He and his administration refused to agree to Newfoundland and Labrador being treated the same as other oil producing Provinces  and receive the royalty revenue generated from that resource.

Getting the Atlantic Accord  later through Brian Mulroney ‘s administration( Hon.Pat Carney a big help) has made NL a have Province . The Province’s largest non government revenue source to this day is offshore oil revenues.

How can one consider Papa Trudeau the best when he deliberately denied such fairness ???And he often lied about it in pretending to agree to such an arrangement? Anyone interested in more read my 2012 best seller book ‘Some Day The Sun Will Shine And Have Not Will Be No More ‘ for details.


This is the PM that tried to unilaterally patriate the Constitution —after sitting down with the other provinces for such negotiations—had a temper tantrum —left the negotiations and went to the Parliament of Canada to have the Federal Government do it unilaterally .

But the Supreme Court of Canada , when it used to do its job and interpret law not make it, found what the Federal Government was trying to do unilaterally was unconstitutional !! Judgement September 28, 1981.

A PM that commits an unconstitutional act to be the best PM since 1968? Sadly , Canadians do not know their history. And why I have called ( My Magna Carta for Canada) for civics to be a mandatory subject in all the public schools of Canada beginning in grade nine. But , do you hear a chorus of the leadership in Canada rushing to implement this?

Do we need to get in to the National Energy Program, wage and price controls, the War Measures Act ———

Many societies live off myths —some are harmless or beneficial —-others are a disaster —-

The Trudeau duo fall into the latter!

Not one , but both!!