Robert, a forensic arborist, joins Tanya on the next Empower Hour to provide a thought provoking presentation that brings into question the origins of the massive fires that have been ignited in Canada and the USA. The mainstream media provides news reports that are crafted to make Climate Change out to be the culprit but Robert provides very compelling evidence that something else, very sinister, is afoot.

Robert is abounding in the knowledge of flora and fauna. He has studied the plant kingdom for the last 48 years and has been a certified arborist for 20 years. He has learnt all about the native wildflowers, ferns, shrubs, vines and trees in most of central California including the habitats in which they grow. He has taken one hundred and six trips to thirty-eight fire aftermaths, mostly in California, and determined that only three were natural wildfires. So what caused the other thirty-five fires? Register for the Empower Hour to find out more.