A 16-year-old teenager is currently facing criminal charges for removing an LGBTQ+ flag from his school in Pincourt, Montreal. The incident occurred on May 16, and raises questions about how dissenters are treated if they do not conform to the LGBTQ+ movement.

A viral video on social media captured a group of high school students removing and trampling a LGBTQ+ flag, leading to a series of events that have left families and authorities dealing with the aftermath.

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  1. Counter-charge with possession and distribution of child pornography! No doubt you’ll find plenty of that is the pamphlets and books in their library.
    Counter-charge with the elements of pedophilia they promote! They certainly push the actions and agendas of those who groom children into being sex slaves.
    Get the whole damn agenda out in the open and demand a trial by jury! Show how the whole justice is nothing but a farce, now. You cannot expect or rely on a judge to rule an unbiased verdict, now. Demand the jury!

  2. Excellent idea Kuro-chan, we have to stop cowering & hold up a mirror to show them we know what they are up to.