For the benefit of Justin Trudeau, Canadian media intentionally under-play Muslim push-back against LGBT propaganda in our schools.

by Brad Salzberg

July 19, 2023

Muslim parents in the United States are claiming that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “lying or misinformed” after he blamed the ‘American right-wing’ for Muslim-Canadian opposition to the LGBTQ curriculum in public schools.

One Muslim parent asked Trudeau to “please protect our culture, our belief, the sin that you are doing to them.” 

Can you imagine? Justin Trudeau dedicated to preservation of culture, eh? In some respects it’s true. Our PM is wholly dedicated to preservation of specific cultures. The only problem is that, apart from Quebec, none of them have anything to do with Canadian culture.

Islam, Sikhism, Chinese, LGBT– for certain. The rest of it can fall by the wayside. Mr. Trudeau is in the process of strong-arming an entire country in a bid to transition Canada into an entity no citizen ever asked for, and likely do not want.

But Islam is different. Eight years of Trudeau, eight years of pandering toward specific “identifiable” communities. Islam is out front by a country mile, followed by LGBT and Sikhism.

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  1. The potato dictator is certainly not ‘misinformed’ on this. That thing has been the poster toddler for the grooming agenda and climate perversion agenda. Even when giving speeches to troops out in Europe, it ends up being a thing about climate perversion. When giving a speech at an aboriginals game event, it’s about climate perversion. There is literally only two things that empty head seems able to talk about, now, otherwise it’s word salad that makes no sense. Makes you wonder how loud the teleprompters have to be to shield potato from hearing the thousands of boos in the crowd…