Doctors dying suddenly – do doctor couples who inject mRNA together, die suddenly together? – 18 recent doctor deaths examined (non-Canadian doctors)

by Dr. William Makis

July 19, 2023

Baton Rouge, LA – 64 year old Radiologist Dr.Dwayne Anderson died suddenly on Feb.17, 2023 after a “brief illness” and 3 months later his wife, Radiation Oncologist, Dr.Cynthia Boyer died suddenly on May 19, 2023. Both were experienced Marathon runners (click here)(click here)




    I heard something earlier today (Heard, not read, which means I don’t have a source) about the graphene oxide used in these jabs. I already knew about the stuff behaving like microscopic razor blades that go around in your body, rip everything to hell and never stop doing so (And the man who broke that story died shortly after, leaving behind a pregnant wife). Anyway, there are additional details to this garbage:
    a) It is more or less unnecessary in the jab. It’s simply another mechanism they are using to kill you, slowly.
    b) Yes, they ARE in the real jabs (not the fake/political ones) and
    c) If you have more than 1 parts per billion in your body, you got 8 years tops (likely MUCH less) before this garbage rips apart your insides so badly that there won’t be anything left. Since they can also impact your brain, that means mental illness is only get a LOT worse from here on out.

    Anyone who saw this as a big, red flag from the start, even without knowing the more subtle/real details behind this agenda, passed the most insane darwin test ever conceived… Like others have said, would you take a jab from anyone that has been pushing for depopulation or are you that propagandized that you are incapable of putting two and two together? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not 5.