First Nations communities expressed their indignation at Justin Trudeau during a speech he made at the opening of the North American Indigenous Games in Halifax, N.S.

by Brad Salzberg

July 18, 2023

If it’s true that “love makes the world” go round, than the time has arrived for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to step off.

Simply put, the love just isn’t flowing Mr. Trudeau’s way. One of his ostensible pet projects, support for Canada’s First Nations communities, is failing to deliver the goods.

Speaking at the opening of the 2023 Indigenous Games taking place this month in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the “boo-birds” were out in full force. It happens wherever PM Trudeau travels in Canada. Devoid of a controlled public environment, Canadians of all walks of life are disparaging the PM in a big way.

It was only recently that leaders of Canada’s Muslim community– the fastest growing identifiable community in our country– began to express indignation toward Trudeau.

‘Rahim Mohamed: Trudeau, Left-Wing Media Insult Muslims By Calling Us Dupes Of The Far Right’

“In dismissing the organic Muslim pushback against an overbearing Pride agenda as an astroturfed machination of the white-led far-right, progressives are exposing their own dim view of Muslims as a servile and easily manipulated band of nitwits. This patronizing and harmful progressive narrative needs to be called out for the hogwash that it is.” 

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