Pictured are anti-LGBT protestors at a recent rally in Ontario. Canadian media are purposefully downplaying the extent of Muslim community protests against transgender indoctrination in Canadian schools.

Muslim leaders in Canada signed a statement renouncing the government’s LGBT policy and demanded that this policy NOT APPLY to the Muslim community.

by Brad Salzberg


July 17, 2023

Calgary, Alberta resident Mahmoud Mourra has been protesting school activities acknowledging students’ sexual orientation and gender identity. Currently, Mourra is facing a charge of hate-motivated criminal harassment, which police say stem from allegations related to “multiple online interactions” on June 26, 2023.

When it comes to Muslim-Canadian community push-back against LGBT indoctrination in our public schools, government and media are caught in a dilemma.

Easy-as-pie it is to condemn non-Muslims who stand against transgender-for-youth propaganda in education. The situation becomes far more prickly when it involves one of Canada’s “untouchable” communities. The fact that the LGBT lobby is another untouchable is making life difficult for both government and their paid-off media partners.

“When it comes to the LGBTQ community, Mourra said he is concerned with teachers pushing this agenda on children.”

“I believe I have the chance to determine or to decide how my kids should be growing up …I’m not teaching them any hate.”

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