“Even though the policies are not identified as originating in the WEF, the Trudeau government is laying down, piece by piece, a WEF agenda for the country.”

by Brad Salzberg


July 16, 2023

While the Liberal Government of Canada are funding over 1000 media outlets in Canada, it appears at least one of them has been overlooked.

CAP are guessing that the Niagara Independent is one of them. Otherwise, there’s no way in Hades that a scathing article focused on our federal government’s relationship with the World Economic Forum would gain exposure.

Chris George is a Canadian government relations advisor. As president of a public relations firm established in 1994, Chris provides counsel and management skills to CEOs/Presidents, Boards of Directors and senior executive teams in executing public and government relations campaigns.

Prior to this, Mr. George spent seven years on Parliament Hill on staffs of Cabinet Ministers and MPs.

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