Dr. Daniel Nagase is suing the BC Supreme Court for having prevented him from protecting his children from experimental injections. The Attorney General attempted to obstruct justice by attempting to strike his case before its heard.

In court on July 7, 2023, Dr. Nagase was accompanied by 30+ supporters.

After the judge entered the courtroom and sat down, Dr. Nagase’s 30+ suporters, remained standing and collectively stated:

“We are a Common Law Grand Jury.”

“We are Convened under the Magna Carta.”

“The government must accept the Magna Carta as common law
if pleaded as such.”

“We are pleading as such.”

“We are here to notice the Attorney General of British Columbia through Michael Kleissinger and other agents of said office, that the motion to strike case s-233597 brought by daniel-yoshio of the family nagase, obstructs justice.”

Outside the courthouse Dr. Daniel Nagase explained what happened…