by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford 

July 14, 2023

This latest dust up over NATO spending and the Wall Street Journal ‘s editorial put it all in perspective and just how bad our mainstream leadership in this country really is.

What a golden opportunity for the Conservatives ?

But what did the two conservatives MP’s and the leader say?

‘Conservatives have attacked the Liberals for letting NATO down, with MPs Michael Chong and James Bezan stating in a press release this week “Last year, the Trudeau government spent 1.29% of our GDP on defence, putting Canada 25th out of 29 NATO members. A year after the war in Ukraine began, this borders on negligence.”

They added: “As Conservatives, we support the commitments Canada has made to NATO and we must make an effort to meet them.” 

Poilievre’s office declined to clarify the party’s position on defence spending, saying that their MPs’ statement stood “as is.”


How is that for spin? We must make an effort!

Liberals , Conservatives ——red and blue spin doctors.

Honesty is lost on these people, integrity is a UFO? Keeping promises made to international community?

Bring on Bernier !

He went to jail for our Charter Rights!!!And is still fighting in Court!



  1. NATO is a scam. We should be spending ZERO dollars on this hegemonic old boys club run by the Military Industrial Complex straight out of Washington DC and serving the interests of the military arm of the MotherWeffers.
    You get a whole bunch of countries to sign on, demand they spend 2 percent of their GDP and you (the US) leverage all that for wars of your liking. We had and have zero interest in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Ukraine.
    “Eff NATO and ‘Eff the Ukraine. Our Turdeau has caused my cost of living and lessened that chances of my children ever owing their own home thanks, in part, to all the money he has to borrow and print to send off to Cocaine Zelensky and his merry bunch of thieves.