Pictured, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau goes ballistic over promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism. Unfortunately for him, his preferred community is not impressed.

The last thing Justin Trudeau wants to see develop in Canada is inter-community harmony among Christians and Muslims.

by Brad Salzberg


July 14, 2023

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says “Muslim parents who object to their children being taught about gender identity issues in schools are being fed misinformation and disinformation by the American right-wing and the far right.” 

Responding to the rise of Muslim-Canadian condemnation of LGBT and transgender propaganda administered by public school boards across Canada, Justin Trudeau finds himself in a conundrum.

By now, just about everyone who follows Canadian politics has figured out the formula. Existing on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum, LGBT and Muslim communities in Canada are PM Trudeau’s preferred communities.

How to please both is the question of the moment. In stereotypical fashion, our PM blames Muslim community adoption of anti-LGBT principles on the “far right.”

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