The Liberal government has removed impediments that would otherwise prohibit HIV-positive refugees from entering our country.

by Brad Salzberg

July 13, 2023

When Canada’s Liberal government speak of the “inclusive” nature of Liberal Party ideology, they’re not just spouting off at the mouth.

Back in 2018, Liberal Federal Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen stated that he was “committed to changing the rules” that bar people with illnesses from entering Canada.

Mr. Hussen, originally a refugee himself, is a dual citizen of Canada and the African nation of Somalia. No doubt his move pleased Canada’s uber-powerful leftist immigration-refugee lobby. Heck, it may have even pleased a few of his buddies back home.

“Advocates say advanced medical treatment has transformed the virus into a chronic manageable medical condition and the immigration department’s automatic HIV partner notification policy is out-of-date and discriminatory.”

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