Dutch farmers are leading the way for political change. The “green,” climate change-obsessed, WEF-obsessed Dutch government has finally fallen. Thanks to protests from the BBB and others whose livelihoods were threatened by these out-of-touch climate policies, Prime Minister Mark Rutte finally resigned after his government collapsed. The striking similarities between Trudeau and Rutteā€™s policies has led some to wonder if his buddy, Trudeau, is next.



  1. Ah yes, this guy. He’s good, but I need to include a couple comments.

    – He doesn’t note that Netherlands and Canada aren’t the only places where farms are under attack. They’ve been doing damage to farms in US and UK as well. Ukraine is briefly mentioned, but they are also a bread basket for food which NATO is obsessed with destroying, something US, Canada and others are pathologically obsessed with keeping it going, down to the last Ukie (so long as it’s not their troops getting killed). When multiple countries do the same thing at the same time to their targets, that is ‘coordinated’, something the establishment likes to dismiss as the usual ‘conspiracy theory’ b.s. (It ain’t theory if it’s a proven fact; it’s just a matter of when that fact happens, like every time). Like he says, this is a WEF agenda designed to starve us and make us full-time sick and/or dead. This is no accident. We’re being targeted with starvation, but they are too cowardly to do it all at one. It’s another example of ‘Death by a thousand paper cuts’.

    – The potato dictator will not resign. The coward does not have enough synapses to understand the concept. It is obsessed with tours, free vacations and waving to no one while dodging responsibility for the role it plays (Can’t even show up for a NATO summit on time, huh?). The Lieberal party insiders will not or cannot get rid of that thing. I suspect there is a level of blackmail so intense with their own criminal background that they are forced to keep this obscenity in place. Also, with Dominion starting to show up in our election system, the insurance package for Canuckistan to be a forever Liberaltopia will be firmly in place by the next time we have our next WEF champion selection (Since we’ll never be allowed to vote for someone like Bernier).