by the Honourable A. Brian Peckford

July 11, 2023

Announced with great fanfare !

Well , first of all it’s not called an inquiry

It is a review !


It’s called “Public Health Emergencies Governance Review Panel’

Once the bureaucrats get their teeth into it see how it gets watered down and full of bureaucratic speak.

So no real inquiry just a ‘review.’

Second , looks like there will not be any public hearings . The website for the ‘Review’ says

‘Experts and members of the public are invited to share their input on what amendments to legislation could better equip the province to cope with future public health emergencies.’

Third, there is no accountability and for those responsible being held to account.

Look at the terms of the mandate :

‘Panel mandate

The Public Health Emergencies Governance Review Panel will examine:

  • whether there are ways the government should amend legislation to improve:
    • the quality and breadth of the medical advice used in responding to future public health emergencies
    • communications with the public during such emergencies
  • whether there are more effective ways to implement health protection measures in response to a public health emergency while:
    • limiting negative impacts on the health, mental and social well-being, and civil liberties of Albertans
    • avoiding negative impacts to the economy’

All the talk about accountability and transparency—-the bad Federal Government —and the Province repeats the Federal Government’s flawed , unconstitutional , unscientific covid actions.   Thousands died , more thousands injured , families destroyed, jobs lost——

One would think the Charter of Rights and Freedoms would be prominent in any such review.? Not a chance.

Fourth, like the Federal Government’s Rouleau Review  , this Provincial Review is blatant conflict of interest with the Government reviewing itself .

Fifth, according to the Review’s website there was to be an interim report by June 30, 2023. Did I miss it? Was there one provided? If so , was it made public? It’ not on the Review’s website!

This should be overseen by the peoples’ house , the Legislative Assembly. Right now the Government is judge and jury of its own  actions. Sets the terms of reference and appoints the Review Panel.

Many thought that the new Alberta  Government would uphold democratic principles , ‘appeared ‘ to be a breath of fresh air , only to succumb to the the same old undemocratic methods that is leading us to democratic ruin.

The Alberta Government even has on its website : ‘Open Government Program ‘——‘Open government is designed to improve government transparency, and ensure better collaboration between government and citizens.’




  1. Once again you can see how the Canadian government is so CORRUPT and there’s nothing being done about it. WOW it is, but also sickening!