China wants Canada. Rather than working to preserve national sovereignty, Mr. Trudeau is first-in-line to sell out our country.

by Brad Salzberg

July 11, 2023

Although China’s agricultural output is the largest in the world, only 10% of its total land area can be cultivated. China’s arable land, which represents 10% of the total arable land in the world, supports over 20% of the world’s population.

By the end of 2019, total arable land in China amounted to 1.28 million sq km (490,000 sq miles)  down 6% compared with a decade earlier. The amount of arable(farmable) land amounts to 13% of China’s total land mass.

Huge population, low percentage of farmable land. Not that this is the only factor in the government of China’s mission to gobble up the world’s natural resources.

Pollution is the leading contributor to erosion of farmland in China. A report published in 2014 states that one fifth of China’s farmland is polluted.

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  1. Honestly, I just cannot agree. While, I may be inclined to entertain the idea that Chinese businesses and billionaires may have an vested interest in controlling us, I highly doubt this has anything to do with the Chinese government. They have enough on their plates, as things go, and with us being a little hick country with a small population run by a man-toddler that is little more than a ‘yes, ma’am’ to US hegemony, we’re low on their list, at best. They have to worry about Taiwan, US endless aggression, India and their salty relations with them, issues with Korea and Japan. They have also been practicing diplomacy, directing talks between Iran and Saudia Arabia, for instance.

    I worry that this is mis-direction and this the ones who want this attention being diverted from them would certainly welcome the usefulness of this.