Jim Caviezel joins Steve Bannon in the War Room…Goes In Depth On Human Trafficking And New Movie “Sound Of Freedom”





  1. Meanwhile, the entire ‘media’ industrial complex (much like how pharma and military behaves) are going out of their way to shame and condemn this, like as though we are not supposed to watch this, no matter what. It’s to the point even Babylon Bee could do an easy parody on this reaction to the point it’s one of most truthful articles they ever printed.

    I am rather surprised Mel Gibson is still alive, given what he’s done with regards to this me, which leaves me… maybe a ‘little’ suspicious about the nature and legitimacy of this movie. If this entire racket was under such a threat, he would have been offed long before this could be released, no matter what the consequences may be. After, depriving the mentally ill of this crime racket would be more important than what it takes to silence anyone critical of it. The other possibility is they really don’t care that their crimes are exposed, since it would change nothing. They still control the trafficking. They still control the political system that enables this (Canuckistan included). They still get their kiddies. They still get to torture them and harvest their organs and adrenochrome for the sick fill-in-the-blanks who obsess over this. This may have been allowed simply because it will change nothing.