Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow pushes the LGBT agenda. In China, LGBT rights are severely limited— no same sex marriage, no anti-discrimination protections.

“Canada’s virtue-signalling to appease China is not a partisan issue, but a systemic one,” says Canadian professor of political science, Charles Burton.

by Brad Salzberg

July 10, 2023

Two prominent groups aligned with the government of China — including one said to have hosted a Chinese police station in Ontario— “went all out to support [Olivia] Chow’s push to become mayor of Toronto,” Canada’s largest city.

As reported this week by the National Post“a series of intelligence leaks in recent months allege Chinese interference in Canada’s federal and provincial politics, but there is evidence that Beijing targets municipal-level politicians.”

All three levels of government in Canada appear to be targeted by the communist government of China. Doesn’t that just bring a feeling of warmth to all Canadians who value national sovereignty.

Interesting how media in Canada refuse to focus on the source of the allegations. For CAP, it means travelling back-in-time to when ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau first opened the doors to the Chinese government’s infiltration of Canadian society.

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