by Brian Peckford 

July 9, 2023

Why Is The Mayor Of Victoria, BC , Being Cozy With The Communist Ambassador For China ? Isn’t The Parliament  Of Canada Establishing An Inquiry Into Foreign ( Chinese) Interference In Our Elections?

Is this the Mayor of Victoria’s  job ? To cozy up with Communist Ambassadors ? Is she suddenly also the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Canada ?

This mayor has no business  courting  with a Foreign Communist who represents a country that is undemocratic, totalitarian , represents everything that is the antithesis  of a democratic Canada.

Here is an excerpt from a recent article in the  Epoch Times :

‘The Chinese ambassador to Canada and the mayor of Victoria, B.C., recently met to discuss how to deepen relationships between China and the B.C. capital through platforms such as “friendship cities.” The move came as a number of governments around the world are severing such subnational ties with the communist regime, which are also called twin, sister, or partnership cities.

Cong Peiwu met with Mayor Marianne Alto in Victoria on June 27, where the two “exchanged in-depth views on the development of friendly relations between China and Victoria,” according to a June 30 Chinese-language press release from the embassy of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

The two parties “expressed their willingness to make good use of platforms such as friendship cities to deepen exchanges and cooperation in a wide range of fields, promote mutual understanding and friendship, and better create benefits for the people of both sides,” the press release said.’

And it is a Press Release from the Chinese Embassy ? . How proud they must be to so successfully dupe such a Canadian elected official!

This country , China, has broken international law in the strait of Taiwan and the South China Sea , continues to subjugate large segments of its population, flaunts  trade laws at will and  is attempting to spread its anti democratic ways globally. A country that pollutes indiscriminately while  Victoria prides itself on its ‘greenness’? What hypocrisy is that? The Mayor of Victoria in her biography on the Municipal Website advocates ‘open government ‘—a concept of which the Communist Ambassador’s Government is firmly opposed!

Did the Mayor consult with the Minister responsible for foreign affairs before embarking on this suicide mission? How Beijing must be celebrating another inroad into the west —right next to the USA.

As the country investigates so called Confucius Institutes ( one was closed at Mac Master University) and other such surreptitious moves in our country by the Communist Chinese we have a Canadian Mayor wanting to cozy up to China?

Are we condoning the take over of Hong Kong ?

Have any of the MP ‘S OR MLA’S representing Victoria condemned this move? Has a Victoria council member voiced opposition to this?

Has the Victoria Chamber of Commerce condemned this move?

What do you think a high school student in Victoria and beyond thinks when they hear such actions by a Canadian Mayor?

At a time when a controversy looms over possible foreign interference in Canadian elections , including the Chinese , we have a mayor of a Provincial Capital City elected democratically wanting to cozy up to a undemocratic , totalitarian regime ??

Will someone please wake me from this crazy dream ?

And you ask why I continue to highlight problems in my country Canada ?