Independent BC is Not About Separating from Canada. Independent BC is A New Way to Vote in Our Province of BC


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Thank you everyone for attending the very first Independent BC meeting. We had a pretty good turn out considering telegram advertising only. I recognized perhaps 3-4 people in the room, the rest were all new faces which was great. Thank you for all your on point questions, I thought the energy in the room was very relaxed and conversations flowed nicely.

Moving forward, I was wondering if there is anyone who would like to lead this group and perhaps take on an admin role which would require some organizational skills, time and enthusiasm. We all have different skills and ideas and it will be always a group decision in the end when we ‘vote’ on certain ideas but we do need a couple of people who will be sending out emails, gathering all ideas, organizing meetings, delegating etc etc. Once some fundamentals get organized, I’m assuming it will be easier to manage the admin role.

Thanks again,


Livia Eidt, RN (C), DCH Vitality Homeopathy


Town Hall Meeting Prep

No special skills are required. I am just a nurse who is completely politically illiterate so if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Get in touch with Sal and Rick and confirm meeting’s date/time.

Let us know when you have a date finalized for a Town Hall Meeting in your riding and we will put up a notice on the Independent BC website.

Rent space in your community or talk to your friends about possibly setting up at their house.

Invite people through telegram, signal, facebook, Instagram, email etc This part really depends on what social media you are familiar/comfortable with.

Invite your local newspaper, mayor, MLA, MP etc but please consider the timing of this invitation. You don’t want your rental cancelled last minute just because your mayor disapproves yet you also don’t want to set up an exclusive meeting surrounded by secrecy.

There is an invitation template available through the website

You may also want to go around your community and hang some flyers on community boards to advertise.

After The Meeting

Download and print sign up sheet on  page

Collect everyone’s emails/phone numbers at the meeting.

Write a summary email to everyone where you also mention that you are looking for couple of people who are good at administration and delegation unless you’d like to take on an admin role yourself.

Encourage the group to set up a follow up meeting within 2 weeks at someone’s house.

If you want to become a citizen journalist to report on what’s really going on in your town at city Council, with your MP, your MLA and other community organizations

Contact my town [email protected] for free training.

Check out My town Maple Ridge on Facebook .

You can start your own ‘my town’ where locals can go for ‘stuff they need to know. ‘ to survive,

Democracy needs well informed citizens!

It’s about as grassroots as you can get and as much as it isn’t perfect, adapt it as you see fit and give it a go if you want …





  1. I will compliment you with a good try and wish you nothing but the best, but you are up against an establishment that will stoop to no low to stop you from ever representing, anyone. They will lie, cheat, steal your votes, property damage, ensure your members have accidents, the list goes on. After all, if they pump most of BC with toxic compounds that will kill most of their population in the coming couple years, they can and will do anything.