Are Islam-LGBT being systemically advanced to the pinnacle of the social totem pole in post-modern Canada?

by Brad Salzberg

July 9, 2023

Is nothing sacred? That last bastion of masculinity, the Calgary Stampede, has been transitioned to a vehicle for promotion of gay and transgender political activism.

Equally as disturbing is PM Justin Trudeau’s leveraging of the Stampede to endorse his favourite pastime– a promotion of Islam throughout Canadian society.

Despite their incongruous nature, Islam and LGBT are being systemically advanced to the pinnacle of the social totem pole in post-modern Canada. Those who believe the phenomenon is organic in development should think again.

An outgrowth of World Economic Forum-based ideology, Justin Trudeau has taken it upon himself to transform our nation into a condition no Canadian ever asked for.

Those concerned with Canada’s historical trajectory take heed. On its way to becoming the western world’s first neo-communist society, Canada is a hi-jacked nation. Justin Trudeau is thrilled by the prospect which is, in reality, the fulfillment of so-called father Pierre Trudeau’s original globalist “social contract.”

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  1. I am rather surprised that ANY islam group would take in that potato dictator, given it’s an affront to their entire belief system. Makes you wonder if they were paid a whopping amount of $$$ (at our expense, like always) to put up and shut up, huh? …And then it goes and screws up a simple pancake flip, one that is so bad, I would have been made fun of for such a flip. That pancake is extremely symbolic of that thing’s entire being. No wonder they are working overtime to scrub this video, huh…

    What I find more curious is the relentless attack against the guy who wore a t-shirt stating the blatantly obvious on heterosexuality. It’s bad enough they spent more than a month straight beating everyone over the head with their grooming agenda (which they want to make into a whole season). Now, being heterosexual is criminal, huh? That is the way they are certainly behaving! How sick. Totally sick…

    This is why TV and media are so toxic. It’s going to poison you to death. Stay away from it, seriously!