Independent BC is Not About Separating from Canada. Independent BC is A New Way to Vote in Our Province of BC


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To help people get behind this grass roots initiative and be as informed as possible, we brainstormed how we could use the polls page on the website tonight.  What we came up with was 3 new poll questions on the Polls Page.

Basically what each person is to do is go out and interview at least 20 people each, that they do not know, and also keep track of the number of people that say they ‘don’t have a moment’ or otherwise …

It is our thought that if we put our efforts to determining if there is any real genuine interest in voting for an independent, then we will have a better chance of developing further strategies and actions that can be tailor made to not only those that are willing to share why they did not vote, but to find out first hand from the most random people possible what their real issues are.

It’s about as grassroots as you can get and as much as it isn’t perfect, adapt it as you see fit and give it a go if you want …




  1. I no longer care…. At this point I believe western Canada would be better off as our own nation. The Republic Of Western Canada. B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and North West Territories.

    We do no need to be holden to Ottawa, Central Canada which consists of conceited and arrogant Ontario, notably Toronto and Quebec which is like a snivelling whining petulant child. Atlantic Canada though not part of the problem can go it on their own for all I care.

    Western Canada has been pissed on by Ottawa and Central Canada for over 150 years. WE HAVE GROWN UP AND CAN MAKE IT ON OUR OWN! Sure we will have proper trade and diplomatic relations with Eastern Canada, but would do more to better trade and diplomatic relations with the USA.

    The Capital City of The Republic Of Western Canada should be Saskatoon. I large enough city to support a government but not too large as to dominate the bigger picture of this new Republic.