Kids were targeted in Canada and taught depraved sexual acts.
Odessa Orlewicz, from Liberty Talk Canada, is here to talk about Planned Parenthood’s sexual education curriculum.
The Canadian school held a sex-ed class and allowed Planned Parenthood to teach it.
During the class disgusting “sex cards” were made available to students that described grotesque sexual acts.
The Planned Parenthood located in Regina, Saskatchewan is now claiming the curriculum was a mistake and not supposed to be there.
However, the spokeswoman claimed she doesn’t think this is a big deal.
The mainstream news is claiming this was an isolated incident.
However, these sex cards have been distributed at three other events across Canada.
They are teaching children the sex acts they want them to learn so they can molest them.
The Muslim community has been made aware of materials that sexualize kids and they have started threatening Justin Trudeau.
If parents continue to fight back the globalists’ sex religion must be destroyed.
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  1. I guess parents are not speaking loudly enough. I am so ashamed of being a Canadian, I can’t believe that we have allowed this to happen. I have grandkids in school and I’m sick to death to know what’s going on here in our country. TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE IS NO MORE. Justin Trudeau is a drama queen himself and he is pushing it on our children and it’s about time that he get what he deserves, and I won’t say on here what that should be. Our whole government is corrupt but we have allowed it to happen.

  2. All Marxists/Communists are degenerates. ALL OF THEM!!! Since Marxists/Communists are degenerates their brains are thus diseased.