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Follow Up After June 26th, Meeting
A restructuring of Canadian “mayors” by the United Nations started in 1992. This is a fraud of public/private partnerships.
A summary: CANADA was signed on to U.N. Agenda 21 in 1992 by Brian Mulroney. A total of 178 countries agreed because this international agreement promised them “big money” to go “green.”
Once signed, CANADA became a U.N. Member State (Nation State) & no longer a “sovereign country” under the rule of law & the supremacy of God. Any country signed on to U.N. Agenda 21 ceased to be a “nation,” and all their governments restructured as the U.N. MEMBER STATES. All towns were to be abandoned or merged to form UN CITY STATES.
By 2000, we saw countries being “governed” by directions of the United Nations, G7, G20, Council of Foreign Relations, World Bank, World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Organization, International Council on Local and Environmental Issues (ICLEI) etc…
Instead of following parliamentary procedures for law changes, the Municipal Primer was sent to all of our local towns in 1994 & it outlined how they were to restructure their governments.
-Our public officials/office – which is our elected mayor and councillors – were “partnered” with a private corporation (CITY OF PETERBOROUGH) that would “help” the local agenda implement these global goals HERE in Peterborough.
-Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) were brought into every town to “work” with the mayor to implement the global agenda instead of a local one and to commit local public funds to private sustainable development goals & foreign investors. Under the guise of “saving the planet.” (CAO tells the mayor what to do.) They also brought ICLEI into our town. ICLEI is the United Nations.
Government restructuring included rewriting our local laws & this became the Municipal Act, 2001 – which initiated amalgamation, regionalization & incorporation of independent, autonomous local towns into a private ‘governing’ environment.
The Municipal Act converted the public mayor (head of local government) to a private Head of Council (for the CITY), making him answer to a BOARD & controllable.
The BOARD determines their own “Code of Conduct,”…. which means ZERO liability for ALL of this, while the United Nations/ICLEI steals everything…. right in your town. This is a “corporatocracy” – where the corporations/partnerships (The CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF PETERBOROUGH)/ International Council on Local and Environmental Issues-ICLEI) CONTROL EVERYTHING, and we no longer have a say…. and we no longer have a local government protecting us.
Now let’s look at your reports,
Firstly, Report, PEAC 23–010
Here, a linked plan identifies the actions required to achieve NetZero by 2050.
-Measures include a vague reference to “targeting mobility.”
-This report is to nominate one of you to sit in on an upcoming advisory working group hosted by an unnamed “project consultant” to launch this July.
-This project consultant is no doubt connected to ICLEL.
The PEAC 23–002 report states
-Peterborough declared a Climate Emergency in 2019. There was no local event that triggered this declaration. This declaration came into effect through the U.N.’s global agenda and not the local agenda of the residents of Peterborough.
-This report states that the city participated in ICLEL Canadas, Advancing Adaptation Project and received a grant of $15,000. “Big money for going green.”This is a small fraction of the money Peterborough has received from ICLEL since 1994.
-Most disturbingly, the report you accepted states that the recent reductions in GHG emissions were PRIMARILY the result of the COVID-19 pandemic “modifying our travel patterns,” and is repeated in report PEAC 23–009
When you put this together with the previous statement on “targeting mobility,” the question of whether the SACRED mobility rights of residents of Peterborough are at stake and if your participation in the furthering of this agenda is not in violation of your oath to uphold the constitution of Canada along with the Bill of Rights.
I, Maggie Braun, gave a verbal notice that if you accepted these reports, a Notice of Liability would be issued to each of you individually.
Before I proceed with such actions, I will remind you that every man and woman is responsible and can be held personally liable for their actions. Positions of authority, such as a seat on the town council, do not protect you from liability.
As promised, the founding and local document references are listed below.
A global agenda
United Nations: Sustainable Development Goals- https://www.un.org/sustain…/sustainable-development-goals/
World Economic Forum (link 404)
U.N. Sustainable Development – Agenda 21 –
U.N. General Assembly: Transforming Our World – https://shelaghformayor.webcatt.ca/…/ungeneralassembly2…
Implemented Locally
A Municipal Primer on the U.N. Conference –
Summarization of Shelagh McFarlane Mayoral Candidate in Guelph ON –https://shelaghformayor.webcatt.ca/?page_id=293
…implemented locally…
CITY OF GUELPH is implementing Agenda2030 – https://guelph.ca/plans-and…/climate-adaptation-plan/
ICLEI Local Sustainability 2012 review – https://shelaghformayor.webcatt.ca/…/iclei2012-review.pdf
ICLEI Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide – https://shelaghformayor.webcatt.ca/…/icleilocalagenda21…
Guelph Cease & Desist + Trucker Convoy Summary – https://shelaghformayor.webcatt.ca/…/Guelph-CeaseDesist…
A Municipal Primer on the U.N. Conference –
This can be imitated across the country…
– Go to your municipal website.
– Review their Environmental Committee Agenda/Reports and the Town Hall Agendas.
– Look for ICLEL and anything climate-related.
– Call the Town Clerks’ office and get on the agenda to speak as a delegate when they are passing any “environmental” reports or motions.
– Take the information below and localize the content for your 5-minute speech.
– Afterwards, send this information to your Mayor and Councillors
– Utilize Stand4Thees Notices of Liability to serve the Mayor and Council.


  1. You missed a very important strategy: Run for office! Mayor, council, Regional District Officer. Get a beat up cube van and put graphics on all three sides showing the local mayor/council member/district manager that are driving the 15 minute city MotherWEffer agenda. Put your name and your face and tell your local people that YOU are against 15 Minute Prisons and the folks underneath are pushing for it. Tell them that you believe that people have access to Crown Land, to go fishing, to go hunting, to drive as much as they want, to burn wood in their damn fireplace if they want to. Tell them you will not get in the way for people who personally want to build a 15 minute prison for themselves. They can keep wearing their damn useless N95 mask when driving alone in their car if they want. But remind people you will not impose a prison on anyone and you wont be anyone’s Prison Warden and that YOU are the Man or Woman that they should vote for.
    You don’t need The Turd’s censored internet to get the message across. If you cannot afford a beater van, then just get a sandwich board and walk the local city streets.
    This 15 minute city crapola is literally TREASON. We can fight this from the streets up.