“Census data tells us the Indigenous population has grown quickly, at a pace far surpassing that of the non-Indigenous population,” says Statistics Canada

by Brad Salzberg


Juy 1, 2023

Common sense citizens have to shake their heads in wonder at the state of Canadian society.

“Today, let’s celebrate each other, and let’s celebrate as we continue to build this great country.”

These words, spoken by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in tribute to Canada Day 2023, contradict every move made by our PM since gaining office in 2015. Throughout this period, our Liberal government has done all they can to undermine national unity.

Pitting community against community, government rhetoric has fashioned Canada into a self-hating society. As such, social division within among our plurality of communities has never been greater.

After which Mr. Trudeau belies every move he has made with an about-face: suddenly, the PM extols the virtues of a nation he has personally branded racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic and Islamophobic.

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