Pictured, PM Trudeau and Liberal MPs promote transgenderism against the will of the Canadian majority.


A Leger Poll finds that 57% of Canadians agreed with informing parents(of child gender transition) while only 18% disagreed.

by Brad Salzberg


June 30, 2023

All across Canada, parents and common sense citizens are pushing back against government-funded LGBT propaganda promotion in the Canadian public school system.

On June 1, 2023, the first-ever National “Pride” Flag Walk-Out Day took place in Canada. An unprecedented number of families withdrew their children from school for a day or more. In Ontario, a majority of students were absent from several schools.

The LGBT lobby couldn’t give a damn. Despite opposition from Christian and Muslim communities, transgender-for-children advocates remain cast-in-stone. Of course, it helps that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is as cold as concrete in this regard.

What developed is a monolith of pro-LGBT promotion from coast-to-coast. Talk about a closed-minded, non-inclusive gang of globalist disciples. You can’t talk to them, you can’t reason with them, nor can one pose any form of alternative to what Cultural Action Party has branded Canada’s “Pink Fascist” movement.

Despite the obstinate ones, anti-LGBT momentum continues to build, with protests taking place throughout the country— outside the BC Teachers’ Federation; Calgary City Hall; a high school in Vaughan; school boards in Windsor, Hamilton, and Durham, at Ottawa schools; Justin Trudeau’s office; and many other locations.

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