by Bruce O’Hara 

June 30, 2023

Canada’s mainstream media have become quite blatant in censoring a whole raft of stories – stories about excess deaths in Canada and around the world, stories about the long-term consequences of lockdowns, stories about vaccine side-effects, stories about Ukraine’s disappearing democracy and its gradual destruction as a nation, stories about the potential for political revolution in France or Germany rather than Russia.

One risk is that their audiences will find out about the censored stories by tuning into a different media source.

A couple of decades ago, Americans used to watch the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s The National to find out what really was going on in the United States.

Then it reversed. Suddenly, a lot of Canadians were diving into Fox News to find out what was really going on in Canada. (Before Fox News was neutered, mind you.)

The other risk of such censorship is that eventually a story will get too big to ignore. How does a media outlet announce a story that has been months in the making as if it just suddenly popped into existence?

So mainstream media outlets will sometimes cover stories they would prefer to ignore, as a kind of insurance against the possibility the story will later blow up into something huge.

Epoch Times Canada has long covered COVID stories that other Canadian newspapers won’t touch. So it wasn’t surprising they ran this story on June 23rd: EXCLUSIVE: More Than 300 Military Members Launch $500 Million Lawsuit Over COVID Vaccine Mandates.

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