Urgent: Please read the letter here addressed to Dustin Duncan, SK Minister of Education, and sign and share the petition to ban the SOGI 123 learning resource and defund and ban Planned Parenthood.

The Saskatchewan Minister of Education, Dustin Duncan, recently suspended Planned Parenthood for providing Grade 9 students with sexually graphic “A-Z Sex Cards“. However, Duncan added, “I don’t think that this precludes them from, in the future, being a part of delivering resources and information into the classroom”. A suspension is not nearly good enough, as this is not an isolated incident. Planned Parenthood poses a viable threat to children and therefore must to be permanently banned from having access to them.

Also, in April 2023, Action4Canada served a SOGI 123 Notice of Liability (NOL), letters and an information package, to Minister Duncan upon learning that Saskatchewan has approved the launch of the SOGI 123 learning resource into all schools starting in September 2023. The NOL alerted Minister Duncan of the harms that are directly resulting from SOGI 123 and the risk of personal legal liability. Therefore, we are further respectfully demanding that SOGI 123 be revoked and permanently banned. Sign and Share the PETITION.

Action4Canada is committed to not stopping until SOGI123 is eradicated from the education system. But we need your ongoing and relentless participation!

Solution: JOIN an Action4Canada Chapter near you and the A4C Parent Support Group. Also, know who you vote for in upcoming elections and where they stand on this critical issue.

View this page for Action4Canada’s effective resources and to learn more about this critical issue, including:

  • SOGI123/Wynne Sex Ed Notices of Liability
  • Political LGBTQ Activism
  • List of Sexually Explicit Books in Schools and Libraries

If you are in need of prayer please reach out to our Prayer Team at prayer-requests@action4canada.ca

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