Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are in the process of destroying freedom of speech in Canada.

by Brad Salzberg


Juine 24, 2023

Buried within all consternation regarding a Liberal government assault on internet content in Canada lies a formidable truth. In terms of internet regulation, our country is undergoing an unprecedented, radical transformation.

“We have thus far, but now we are seeing our readership about to be hacked by federal legislation (Online News Act,) our broadcast reach hurt (Online Streaming Act) and our voices censored (Online Harms Act.) Taken together, this is an existential threat to the free press.”

So writes Derek Filibrand, publisher of Western Standard News based in Alberta, Canada.

CBC won’t speak of it. To do so could forfeit the $1.2 billion dollars per year they hungrily accept from our federal government. Yet, beneath the surface of government’s ostensible concern for delivering Canadian content, a nefarious goal lies in wait.

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