A model to transform Canadians’ access to crucial information

by Bruce O’Hara


June 24, 2023

Note: This post is designed for my Canadian readers. Americans will find a counterpart more appropriate to their needs here on Stephanie Brail’s Wholistic Substack, or on Newsnongrata here.

Not even death isn’t simple, if you are trying to compare mortality between nations.

It is important nonetheless.

Excess deaths data during the pandemic is arguably our best argument against any return of the COVID lockdowns. Within a year, mortality data may also give us the final verdict on the wisdom and efficacy of vaccine mandates. For this reason, it behooves all of us to understand the different ways that mortality can be measured, as these different measures can either obscure or clarify reality.

I’ve found a great tool that anyone can play with to explore mortality stats around the world. The data widget at Mortality Watch is both immensely powerful and remarkably user-friendly. It’s also a wonderful model for how the Canadian Government could transform it’s current opaque and parsimonious approach to mortality data.

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