Step-by-step, Justin Trudeau is pushing for Anglophones to become second-class citizens in Canada.

by Brad Salzberg 

June 24, 2023

“On July 1, 1923, the Canadian government introduced a new Chinese Immigration Act, commonly known as the Chinese Exclusion Act, to stop Chinese immigration.”

“The Act was the culmination of widespread anti-Chinese racism and policies increasing in Canada since the 19th century. Chinese Canadian men and women tried to prevent the passage of the Act and afterwards continued to lobby for its repeal.”

Permanently eschewed by mainstream media is the primary motivation for implementation of the Chinese Head Tax. The reason the law came into effect was based on the fact that migrant Chinese worker wages were undercutting local Canadian wages.

There, we said it. Unfortunately, the only people who would say so are found in alternative and social media, a primary reason why the Canadian government are out to destroy independent media through internet censorship legislation.

CBC, CTV, Global News, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star? Forget about it. As with ridiculously over-hyped media claims regarding the South Asian Komagata Maru incident, Canada’s Anglophone-haters are leveraging history to insult and attack by applying contemporary value systems to century-old historical incidents.

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