Justin Trudeau is systemically stripping away individual freedoms in a dying democracy called Canada.

by Brad Salzberg


June 23, 2023

A Liberal government bill that will require Google and Meta to pay media outlets for news content that they share or otherwise repurpose on their platforms has become law in Canada.

Ostensibly for the purpose of creating laws to establish a level playing field between online advertising giants and a shrinking news industry, ramifications of Bill C-18 reach beyond global tech giants paying royalties for news exposure on social media.

In what has become a standard in PM Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, it’s the unspoken and unexposed which are of equal or greater concern. That’s the way government want it to be. The tactic, appropriated from authoritarian governments of history, runs like this:

The primary goal– in this case censorship of the internet– is sublimated in favour of a secondary concern positioned to be the main impetus for the passing of a law.

Totalitarian governments of history specialized in this, and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are no different. The bottom line, as it always is with our PM, is control.

Within communist nations, a ruling government has a hand in every critical element of society. In Canada, internet communication is far too freewheeling for the likes of wanna-be dictator Justin Trudeau.

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