Over a near eight-year period, PM Justin Trudeau has instilled ‘vendetta culture’ into our society. Canadians would be wise to wake up to who the real target is.

by Brad Salzberg


July 22, 2023

“If something doesn’t change soon, all that will be left is millionaires and the very poor.”

Thus spake Canadian journalist Sabrina Maddeaux in an ominous article published this week in the National Post:

‘Toronto, Vancouver Doomed As They Chase Away The Middle Class.’

To understand the dynamics at play, one must gain insight into the identity of the Middle Class in Canada. No surprise that while media speak of the subject, they come up short on definition.

The majority of Canada’s middle class are white. It’s a default position, one which  developed organically in a society where European-derived citizenship dominated our demographic landscape during our country’s first 100 years of existence.

Media refuse to allude to the condition. Such is a standard of post-modern Canadian society. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star. All go long-in-the-tooth in regards to the plight of “racialized” Canadians. Hardships experienced by Muslim, Sikh, Chinese and other “new arrival” communities are front-and-centre within media narrative on social equality.

But never, ever does mainstream media focus on– or even verbally reference–  Anglophone-Canadian identity, and any form of related hardship affecting our communities.

Although a demographic majority(for the moment), Canadian press treat our light-skinned citizenship as if we don’t exist. Call CAP paranoid, but we believe there are powerful politicians would like nothing more than to see this to become a reality.

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